Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker Enterprise Edition

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docker enterprise edition (EE)

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is designed for business development and IT teams that build, ship, and run business-critical applications in production at scale. Docker EE is integrated, certified, and supported to provide businesses with the most secure container platform in the industry to modernize all applications. 

It is an application-centric platform and is designed to accelerate and secure the entire software supply chain, from development to production, and can run on any infrastructure.

Reliable and certified
Docker EE provides an integrated, tested and certified platform for applications running on enterprise Linux or Windows operating systems and Cloud providers. Docker EE is tightly integrated with the underlying infrastructure to provide a native, easy-to-install experience and an optimized Docker environment. Docker Certified Infrastructure, Containers and Plugins are exclusively available to Docker EE with cooperative support from Docker and Certified Technology Partner.

- Infrastructure certificate: provides an integrated environment for Linux servers (CentOS, Oracle Linux, RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu) Windows Server 2016 and Cloud like AWS and Azure.
- Container Certificate: Provide reliable ISV products packaged and distributed as Docker containers - built with best practice cooperative support.
- Plugin Certificate - Provides network and volume plugins that make it easy to download and install containers in the Docker EE environment.

Integrated container management with Docker Datacenter
Docker Datacenter is currently part of the Docker Enterprise Edition - providing integrated container management and security from development to production.

Business capabilities, such as multiple tenure, security, and full API support from Docker, give IT teams the ability to scale operations efficiently without breaking the developer experience.

Open interfaces allow easy integration into existing systems and provides flexibility to support any range of business processes. Docker EE provides a unified software supply chain for all applications - platform commercial, monolithic to modern microservices written for Windows or Linux environments on any server, virtual machine or cloud.

- Integrated management of all application resources from a single web administration interface.
- Simple deployment of applications and compose files in a few clicks.
- Multi-tenant system with granular role-based access control (RBAC) and LDAP / AD integration.
- Auto-recovery application implementations with the ability to apply mobile application updates.
- End-to-end security model with secret management, image capture and image security scanning.
- Open and extensible to existing business systems and processes.

Safer apps with Docker EE
Security is not static. Modern applications are dynamic and require a security model defined for the application and not linked to the infrastructure.

Docker EE provides an integrated security framework that provides increased security by default with the flexibility to change standardized interfaces and configurations so that developers and IT can collaborate easily.

From protecting the environment, communications and the applications themselves, Docker EE offers more secure applications for companies.