El servicio de soporte postgres de Hopla! Software incluye, tanto las licencias software de los componentes de su solución como actualizaciones de software de mantenimiento, actualizaciones de seguridad, alertas técnicas, documentación y el apoyo técnico necesario.

Our engineers are experts in Open Source technologies. They will review your technical issues and respond to your queries so that your systems maintain optimal performance at all times.


Summary table of technical support service
Summary table of technical support service 

Type of Services Available

Phone, Email, Remotly

Hours of Support


Suscribe Members


SLA: Initial Response Time

30 minutos

Número de incidencias


Tipos de incidencias gestionadas por el soporte técnico postgres


El soporte incluye un número ilimitado de incidencias. Los tipos de incidencias soportados y no soportados se enumeran a continuación:

Level 1 Severity Errors: A catastrophic bug in production software that severely impacts production systems, or that production systems are down or not working; or an error in the software that results in data loss in production and for which there is no procedure to avoid the problem.

Level 2 Severity Errors: These problems assume that the software, which is in production, is operational but very important functions of it do not behave in the way specified in the documentation and there is no workaround available.

Level 3 Severity Errors: These problems mean that either minor functions of the software that is in production do not behave as specified in the documentation, or that the software, which is in a development or testing environment, does not behave in accordance with the documentation.

Los beneficios aportados por el servicio de soporte postgres son los siguientes


Software updates with automatic installers (no download, configuration, compilation and testing of the source code).

Software technical alerts.

Hot fixes for severity bugs 1.

Documentation in PDF format.

Predictable software life cycle planning to facilitate migration support, budgeting, and planning.

Technical support from experts in different technologies with access to community leaders and contributors.

Technical Support

Cobertura 24 x 7 x 365  9:00-17:00 en Español – Fuera de horario de oficina, en inglés.

1 hour Initial Response Time

4 authorised contacts

Número ilimitado de incidencias.

Multiple ways of support: Phone, email and remotely

Incident management based on web

Knowledge Database

Premium webcasts access

Visibility and influence on product roadmaps.

Early access to new software versions.

Ask for personalized information